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Jealousy in the Bath

Olga Balema
Ellie de Verdier
Georgia Dickie
Rin Johnson
Bradley Kronz
Abby McGuane
Kate Sansom
Joyce Wieland


Dirty is the one person in the world who has ever compelled my admiration.

Poor fallow beings and their pain that surrenders, having resisted too much, and their pain, defeated, powerless, crushed, idiotic. Listen to them: a b c d I no longer know how to speak, 1 2 3 4 I no longer know how to count.
What do you care about the village idiot or the neighborhood madwoman? Aren’t the streets full of bought consciences, broken backs? Still others, destined for a nearer death or a better life, end up at fairs, in ports, in squares, under bridges.

Feeling somewhat of a monster,
I no longer recognized the people
I nevertheless liked.
They saw me alight upon
the heaven of Diorama
where chilled to the bone
I slowly petrified
until becoming
a perfect ornament.

The most decisive “steps” in my life have always been accomplished
in a state of trance which alone allowed me to act toward and
against all obstacles (lucidity, physical weakness, etc. etc.).

From this invisible window
I saw all my friends
divide my life between them
in shreds
they gnawed to the bones
and not wanting to waste such a lovely piece
fought over the carcass



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